about us

For more than 90 years the Pahl Company has been connected with the product “Greeting Cards”. Right from the beginning, in 1923, exporting has been the focus of Pahl’s business.

In the course of the decades the in-house production was increased to such an extent that Pahl became the world’s largest exporter to USA – with a record mark of 4,8 million cards in 1968.

In the meantime, the continously growing value of the DMark, resp. the EURO, towards other currencies has made the export of finished products – specially overseas – virtually impossible. However, the connections to more than 40 countries of the world have continued to exist.

Instead of finished products, printing rights for paper goods are now being sold, for which Pahl has acquired the exclusive selling rights. This includes licensing. One of the most successful character was Sarah Kay generating more than eight million EURO in royalties worldwide. Sarah Kay licenses have been sold until the 1990s with great success.

Until today the sale of printing rights is an essential part of the corporate strategy, even though the trade with paper products has become an elementary share in the total turnover of C. Pahl Licensing GbR.